If it’s one of the two… It’s not Saetbyul and hyung, but Saetbyul and me? This was it? That’s why you returned ahjumma and me back to 14 days ago? Ahjumma, don’t worry. I’ll protect Saetbyul.

should we take a picture?

The knight showed up and saved the child for sure. Then he took the baby to her mother. So the baby lived happily ever after with her fantastic mother. The end. What about the knight? The knight that saved the baby. Did the knight survive?


Please korean drama fans contact the writer right now and askfor an alternate ending please please i am so confused right now 50 percent of me believes that dong chan lived because of that pic but 50 percent of me still believes that he died. Please approach the writer, go to her house, contact her number, do everythibg please TT_TT

The cafe lady clearly told me this. It’s a fate that will end only if one of the two disappears.

“Did the knight fucking survive?”
Everyone in God’s Gift fandom, most definitely (via moonlightjournal)